Betty Bayo, the ex-wife of Pastor Kanyari had a secret wedding with Tosh

Betty Bayo, the ex-wife of Pastor Kanyari, is now happily married after a nasty divorce.

According to the "11th Hour" hitmaker, Hiram Gitau aka Tosh got married in a vibrant traditional wedding in 2021.

"It is now clear that we are married, and he has completed all the steps necessary to make me his wife." "Simply put, we don't talk about our internet lives all that much," she remarked.

They were engaged in November 2020, and to commemorate their blossoming love, she organised an extravagant party.

The well-known performer is a part of the brand-new gospel reality series called "Oh Sister."

During the interview, Bayo said that she volunteered to participate in the programme in order to encourage viewers who came from lowly backgrounds.

"I want my sincere existence to inspire someone from a modest upbringing.

"In ten years, I won't be where I am now," she said. Her spouse is a cast member as well.

Tosh, according to Bayo, left when the shooting began and came back to be with her.

He hasn't been in the nation and has just returned as a result of the programme,"" she said.

"He is incredibly encouraging and had no problems with me including him in the article."

Betty said that her English on the programme was questioned by her spouse.

"I requested that he teach me some new vocabulary, but I must be really natural, so I will stick with what I already know. All I want to do is be myself. Despite my thick tongue, I keep up with the sisters.

The moment she introduced the sisters to the performance was, according to her, the finest moment of the session.

She said, "I provided them with theme colours, and they came with hilarious themes and gave my husband a poor impression."

Although they still understand many things about each other that they do not yet know, Bayo has also said that they are making plans for a trip to communicate with her spouse.  

"We need a vacation to get to know one another since there are so many things we don't know about each other, he added. "Then there was a bit about how much you know your spouse," he said.

"So that we won't have to make each other seem bad in front of others."

The reality programme "Oh Sister!" provides an intimate glimpse into the lives of some of Kenya's most popular gospel performers. The excellent, the superior, and the greatest

"With the cast I have, you can't be tranquil. They'll bring the hype-making element.

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