Boda Boda riders in Kibra

A Kibera court sentenced a boda boda driver to 18 years in prison. Erick Mburu Gathoni was accused of raping and attacking a woman. 

He received penalties of 15 years and 3 years, respectively, for the offences. The clauses will follow one another.

On the day of the event, the complainant had taken a boda boda to a friend's apartment in Dagoretti, Nairobi County, according to Violet Ombati, the prosecutor, who testified in court.

Mburu decelerated close to a woodland around halfway through the journey. The lady was pushed into a nearby bush while he brandished a knife and made threats to beat her up.

The quick-witted lady called her sister in private. The sister was frightened and hurried to the scene with other boda boda riders. The Mburu was caught in the act by surprise.

Six witnesses were called by the prosecution throughout the trial.

In a related incident, Nairobi police achieved a significant advancement when they successfully caught a lady who had spent the previous five years playing hide and seek to avoid arrest.

According to reports, the person known as Claire Marisiana Odimwa built a refuge beneath her stairs within her home as an escape room to avoid being apprehended.

She was never home when the police came to her residence to take her into custody.

In 2019, Claire was found guilty of charges related to tax evasion involving Ksh4.9 million.

She is charged with collecting money under pretences from Thomas Aul Ewald after telling him she was sending a sick relative overseas for treatment.
She failed to appear in court for the scheduled hearing.

As she repeatedly skipped court dates in 2020, the judge rejected her bail and granted an order for her arrest.

The investigating officer said they made multiple efforts to apprehend the defendant, but it nearly appeared unattainable at a court hearing on Thursday.

He saw that while they searched the whole house and her network signal indicated that she was inside, they were unable to locate her. 

On Wednesday, April 5, 2023, they discovered her after searching a locked cupboard beneath the stairs.

The officer stated, "We searched for her in the ceiling, but we could not locate her." 

"We finally found her in a locked cabinet beneath the stairway at her Buruburu apartment."

On Thursday, April 6, 2023, Claire appeared before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Nanzushi. She was given a two-year prison term and a Ksh300,000 option fine.

The accused claimed, through her lawyer, that because of the COVID-19 epidemic, she was ill and could not attend the continuing sessions.

According to Magistrate Nzushi's decision, "You were found guilty in absentia and will now serve a two-year prison sentence with an alternative punishment of Ksh300,000."

In line with the court's decision, the suspect will immediately begin serving her sentence.

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