Jesus of Tongaren escapes Easter crucification

Self-described Jesus of Tongaren now asserts, counter to what certain people are claiming about him on social media, that he does not have fear.

Easter is a festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is believed to have occurred three days after he was crucified. This holiday is observed by Christians all over the world.

Several Kenyans believe that the Bungoma god ought to be put to death since he has said that he is the 'Jesus' in the issue.

The Tongan Jesus stated that he's just not aware of Easter during a question and answer session with TUKO. He explained that religious people have a misunderstanding of what the Bible says.

To demonstrate his thesis, he cited a few passages from the Bible; nonetheless, he maintained that the Easter holiday which is customarily celebrated in April is not founded in the writings.

He said that while other Christians would be commemorating Good Friday, he would preside over the regular service that was held at his house.

"The correct Pascha is celebrated in July. We do so for three days. He said that the things that people would be rejoicing about today are not mentioned in the Bible.

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