Butere Boys' High School closes

As a result of cholera concerns, the Butere Boys' High School in Kakamega has been shuttered for the foreseeable future.

After receiving complaints from one hundred children of stomach discomfort that led to diarrhoea, the school administration sent all of the student's home.

"The letter sent to the parent or guardian began, "Dear parent or guardian, this is to advise you that your kid has been sent home owing to an epidemic of stomach troubles leading to diarrhoea."

"We will start the recall process as soon as we get a report from the public health office stating that the school is safe for your boy to attend. Please be patient with us, Mr. or Madam."

The pupils who were afflicted received treatment at the Butere Level 4 hospital and were later released once their ailments had stabilised.

On the other hand, Jared Obiero, the Western Regional Director of Education, said that the claim that the school had been closed was not true.

He said that educational activities were being carried out at the institution.

According to Obiero, 80 kids in Form 1 who had complained of stomach discomfort were treated and dismissed after receiving care.

"It seems as if they swallowed something that caused the discomfort, which makes sense given that you are aware that infants eat last. Antibiotics were administered to them when they were stabilised. Obiero reassured me over the phone that there was no need to be concerned about the situation.

He said that an investigation was being conducted to determine what caused the discomfort.

He disregarded the claims that the school had been shut down because of a cholera scare.

"The difference with the Mukumu example is that in Mukumu, the pupils were taking more time to recuperate," he continued. "The students in Mukumu were taking longer to recover."

The tragedy occurred only a few short hours after the Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls High School in the county was ordered to be shut down for the next thirty days after two pupils passed away as a result of a bacterial infection.

On Wednesday of last week, 124 children from the school were taken to the Kakamega County Medical Hospital with diarrhoea and were hospitalised there.

Doctors say that the students got a bacterial infection because they ate or drank something that was tainted. 

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