Kenya Governor wives and first ladies forum
Kenya Governors' wives and county first ladies

Governors' spouses are currently asking for funding from the government and accolades for their public service work.

The wives claim they're unable owing to an absence of cash, according to the County First Ladies Association, which they claim will soon change to being the first spouses of the governor following the election of female governors.

Amos Nyaribo's wife, Emily Nyaribo, said that they "are not flower girls" since they put in a lot of effort in the background.

They said that despite the high expectations placed on them by the community, they were financially unable to fulfil those expectations since the state does not recognise their positions.

When the measures for setting up first ladies' offices were brought before the legislatures, she requested that the county governments approve them.

They want official acknowledgement given that they "do a lot of work that helps the community."

The first ladies of Nyeri and Kiambu, as well as the spouses of former and current lawmakers, were also present.

"We don't have a budget, and all we do is made possible by our partners and kindness," according to Nyaribo.

In order to receive a budget that would help and promote the job that you undertake, " she said, "We want to encourage you, the county assembly members and the governors to speed up the institutionalisation of the first lady's offices.

Agnes Ochillo, the wife of Migori Governor Ochillo Ayako, said they simply just occupy cosmetic positions and that their motivation to carry out their duties in order to support the governors is pure enthusiasm.

"That is what motivates us," the woman added. "We walked alongside them while they were campaigning and said a couple of things that we were going to do once our partners are elected."

"For your information, we don't get paid; instead, we stop doing whatever we do every moment and relocate here and make sure that everybody receives adequate support, which is why we appear there whenever you mention things like disability, health, or empowerment."

According to Ochillo's wife, the vice chair of the organisation, society believes them to be wealthy because they submit all of their issues to them and want them to find solutions.

According to a common assumption, she added, "We go beyond our way to look for funding for our charitable endeavours, which is an intimidating endeavour because counties are typically reluctant to provide us funds."

Both of them said that using money from contributors or their own personal resources, they manage programmes that have a positive impact on the everyday lives of many Kenyans.

During the beginning of Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month, they were giving a speech in Murang'a County.

Previous first ladies have voiced the same issue since the county government's creation, stating that despite their positions of power, they had no authority over or access to resources for topics pertaining to the county.

They argued that because of the impression it would create and the issues it would create for them, the governors themselves are afraid to start initiatives for them.

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