pastor Paul Mackenzie in Kilifi
 Pastor Paul Mackenzie in Kilifi 

The investigating police in the Chakama region came across a malnourished devotee in a jungle. The location of the contentious church headed by pastor Paul Mackenzie in Kilifi was marked by the police with graves.

She was found malnourished and screaming out for aid while lying in a bush. Her frantic cry for assistance reached the investigators conducting a search and rescue effort.

Even as authorities issue a warning about a gang of persons working with pastor Mackenzie for the disposal of the victims' remains, she has been removed and transported to the hospital for treatment.

Among the items taken from one of the religious cult assailants' hideouts and found in the forest are shovels, machetes, and food supplies.

In one burial site, three remains were found, while police suspect there are two dead in another and one in another.

This occurs only a few days after eleven other churchgoers perished from starvation after trying to "meet" God.

The burials were discovered in the Chakama region by DCI officers from the Malindi offices. The police are currently holding Pastor Mackenzie, and several church members are receiving malnutrition treatment in hospitals as they wait for the police to retrieve the corpses tomorrow.

Police investigators have found the graves associated with the infamous pastor Paul Mackenzie's Shakahola church in Kilifi.

This comes after eleven churchgoers recently perished after starving themselves to death in an effort to "meet" God.

More burial sites have been located by the police, who believe there are more in the neighbouring woodland after finding three victims in one of the graves.

The closest police station is 50 kilometres from the church, which is approximately 100 kilometres from Malindi.


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