Michael Macharia, DJ Brownskin with  his late wife Sharon Njeri

Michael Macharia, also known by his stage name, DJ Brownskin, who became famous on the internet on April 2, paid his late wife Sharon Njeri a heartfelt tribute at her funeral. Sharon Njeri has passed away.

DJ Brownskin, who was there to comfort his children while the burial was taking place, wasn't able to give the message he had written for his mother's farewell despite being asked to do so by the master of ceremonies (MC). A male relative had to help him out.

The man, who had two children, voiced his surprise at the passing of his wife, whom he acknowledged had been an important figure in his life.

On August 6, 2022, DJ Brownskin travelled to Murang'a County, Kenya, to pay his respects at the burial of his fiancée, Sharon Njeri Mwangi."I have plenty of inquiries, but I don't have the responses to any of them."

"In any case, God has the ultimate wisdom."

The eulogy said that "she was not only my wife and the mother of my two children, but she was also a kind and happy person who had numerous acquaintances, as we can all see today."

Michael Macharia, DJ Brownskin with  his late wife Sharon Njeri

DJ Brownskin promised Njeri that he would raise their two children with love and compassion. He also talked about how close they had become and how her absence had left them with a big hole in their hearts.

"She has been an inspiration to me in a lot of different ways that I can't articulate." Even though my life has lost a worthy partner, all I have left are memories of the almost seven years that we spent our lives together.

"I will keep my word and look after our two kids, as I've promised. They are evidence of our affection for one another and of our lives together. They are the only focus of my existence.

"I won't be able to fill the void that you created, but I will do my best to minimise it. Goodbye, my dear sweetheart, "he had said.

The DJ told them that, even though their relationship wasn't perfect, they were able to work through their problems and become closer as a result.

Michael Macharia, DJ Brownskin with  his late wife Sharon Njeri

He talked about his late girlfriend with love. He said she was a warm, bubbly woman who loved her family very much and always put them first. According to her spouse, Njeri was also a skilled chef in the kitchen.

Once it was posted online, the video of DJ Brownskin, which supposedly showed him filming his wife taking poison in front of their children just before she killed herself, went viral.


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