former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta

On Thursday, April 20, Field Marshal Muthomi Kirima paid an official visit to the then-first lady, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, to congratulate her on repaying her Ksh4.7 million bank loan.

Responding on her behalf, former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Agnes Kagure said that Mama Ngina purchased a three-bedroom home for the Mau Mau veteran.

"Mama Ngina heard our cries for assistance, and Kirima and her family sought to express their gratitude." The former First Lady paid off outstanding bank debt and purchased the home, according to Kagure.

The veteran showed off her freshly cut dreadlocks to Kenya's First Lady while shielding the matriarch from accusations that she forced the woman to cut her hair.

Other presents were two adult goats and two baby goats, an original drawing, customary platters, and farm-fresh fruit.

She said, "I asked to get them shaved to represent my return to civilization after years of battling in the wilderness."

She also asked that the dreadlocks be kept in the museums so that future generations might learn about Kenya's heritage.

former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta

Mama Ngina, on her part, thanked Kirima for her admiration and assistance to the nation.

She also urged Kenyans to cherish their nation and implored the government to maintain peace and stability.

Kirima, according to Mama Ngina, was a true hero, in contrast to other leaders who circulated the nation claiming to be or be linked to liberation warriors.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who claimed to be protecting the well-being of Mau Mau veterans, spread the outcry.

Gachagua said, "Mau Mau fighters' descendants live in appalling conditions despite the sacrifice of their grandparents," on April 15 during a tree-planting ceremony in Nyandurua.

He had said at rallies that he was the son of a Mau Mau veteran and that he would not be intimidated into complying with opposition demands.

He also lambasted Raila Odinga, a former prime minister of Kenya, who often said that he battled for the country's democracy and second liberation.



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