Content creator Miss Trudy was arrested in Mombasa for filming at the airport. She is a travel vlogger, and knowing airports are restricted, she decided to chase clout and engagement.


The angry content creator, Madam Trudy, was filming in front of an entrance. The security guy approached her and asked her to move like any sane person would, and she saw an opportunity to go viral.


Miss Trudy was literally filming them blocking an entrance; they were politely asked to move, and she twisted it to make it look like they were being harassed. With the way those security people were so gentle, she was about to face the wrath of tweeps.


The content creator, Miss Trudy, calls out security officers who attempted to arrest her at Mombasa Airport for shooting content.

In the video, she claims she was filming outside the airport when security officers threatened to arrest her and also called the police.

Miss Trudy arrested in Mombasa. Miss Trudy photos

However, from the video, it is clearly shown that after being told to step aside, the lady on the left heard it and was kind enough to step away from the door, but Miss Trudy got visibly angry and twisted the story.


After terrorists attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi’s Westlands area, the government restricted photography in some areas in a bid to fight terrorism, and airports are one such area.


"For a YouTuber, it’s never the same. The least amount I make is 5,000 US dollars (Ksh 500,000). When I met my fiance, he taught me how to create content and be consistent. I used to post twice a month, but now I post more." Travel vlogger Miss Trudy said last month



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