Kenya Police vehicle rushing for culprits

The body of a 22-year-old woman was found in the toilet of her home in Kilimani. The police in Nairobi are working hard to figure out what happened to her and solve the mysterious case that surrounds it.

According to the police, the victim, a lady named Kaisy Koech, was with friends when they went to a social gathering in the early hours of April 2, 2023.

Shortly after that, they heard a loud noise coming from the bathroom, and people who were there told the police that the woman had left to take a shower.

They tried to reach the dead person by calling her name, but she did not respond, which prompted them to break into the restroom.

The 22-year-old woman was found lying on the ground with the pipe from the showerhead in her right hand. Her shoulders and her initial finger were both covered in bruises.

She was taken to a hospital in the area, but they pronounced her dead as soon as they got there.

The bathtub may have electrocuted the victim, according to the observations made by the police. They have committed to conducting an investigation into the matter.

Her corpse was taken to the mortuary at the same hospital so that a postmortem could be performed.

In a different case, a court found out that a man in his forties had tried to kill himself, so they charged him with attempting suicide.

On Tuesday, March 27, 2023, when Evans Khamas was in court appearing before Senior Principal Magistrate Dolphina Alego, the court heard that on Monday, March 26, 2023, he tried to end his life by ingesting poison.

In order for the court to ascertain the guilt or innocence of the person suspected of being liable for the offence, the magistrate proposed that the offender be given a health screening and then brought before the court.

"We need to be sure that the man is mentally upright before he can testify before this appellate authority as to why he sought to kill himself," declared Judge Anyango.

"We need to make sure he is psychologically straight prior to his being able to explain the arguments as to why he tried to commit himself."

In another part of Kakamega County, a man was found guilty of insulting his sister-in-law and was given a prison term of six months to serve.

The court was told that Zakaria Ingutia used abusive language towards his sister-in-law when they were interacting at the market.

It is reported that Ingutia referred to his in-law as a dog, described him as corrupt, and labelled him a housebreaker.

At his appearance before Senior Principal Magistrate Dolphina Alego, the accused made a plea to his sister-in-law, asking her to settle the issue outside of court and drop the charges against him. He did this while the judge was there.

"Because of this, it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings occurring inside a family. I should apologise to my brother's wife, but I believe that before I enter a plea to the charge, you should allow us some time to work things out on a more personal and familial level, "he added.

He continued by saying, "My darling, lovely in-law, nobody is flawless, and I still love you despite you dragging me to court, but it's better if we could do away with the court and fix the situation from home," despite the fact that he was being taken to court.

The court, however, would not accept his plea since it said that his acts generated a disturbance and thus constituted an offence.


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