Karen Nyamu and Samidoh in Mombasa on Easter Vacation

Senator Karen Nyamu is now vacationing in Mombasa for Easter with her baby father, Samuel Muchoki.

On April 9, 2023, Nyamu went to the seaside to see her baby daddy, Mugithi superstar Samuel Muchoki, nicknamed Samidoh, perform.

When they departed Nairobi, the duo were seen at the airport.Just a few days before, she had set her initial profile image as a photograph of her baby's father.

The mother of three changed her Instagram profile picture to one in which she was photographed with Samidoh and their daughter.

Nyamu took the "family" portrait she used as her profile image during her daughter's birthday celebration in February.

Samidoh's wife and Karen's acquaintance wife, Edday Nderitu, have been welcomed, Karen has already said. Yet Edday continues to insist that she won't live in a polygamous home.

Netizens assumed that Samidoh and Edday were reuniting and feeling happy together ever since they were seen cuddling with one another in an earlier post. Because of this, detractors mocked Karen Nyamu.

"Edday and Samido are back together. You're back to being single; welcome." On Facebook, a commenter taunted Karen Nyamu for her post.

Nyamu swiftly replied, emphasising that she and Edday are cowives.

Aki mimi siwezi kua single sababu ya comments, Sel Lopez? Years ago, I accepted my co-wife," Nyamu wrote.

In another fan interaction, however, Edday was quick to disagree with a supporter who said that her husband Samidoh was a great polygamist father. She said that polygamy is not the same as being promiscuous.

This happened in the comments area of her post after she posted pictures of her family during her youngest daughter's birthday celebration on her official Facebook page.

"Samidoh is a superb polygamous father. A supporter commented, "We polygamists are delighted. Kuna polygamy na umalaya," to which Edday replied. Are we a unit?"

Edday seemed to be disparaging Karen Nyamu's friendship with Samidoh.

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