Sacred Heart Mukumu girls boarding mistress dies

In Kakamega County, one of the female tutors of the Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls has passed away.

According to reports, Juliana Mujeme, the boarding school mistress as well, passed away from numerous organ malfunctions.

According to the deceased's relatives, the teacher lamented experiencing the same signs as the three kids who previously died unexpectedly after reportedly contracting the same germs from tainted food and water.

According to NTV, the condition began with a damaged kidney and liver, progressing to multiple organ dysfunction after the two organs collapsed.

She had been transported from Oasis Hospital in Kakamega to Lifecare Speciality Hospital in Eldoret Town, where she was in ICU when she passed away.

This occurs only a few weeks after a sickness epidemic forced the closure of the school and the homebound children.

The epidemic was a result of contaminated food and water, according to preliminary research from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).

Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls High School, where two students died and hundreds were injured two weeks ago, is still experiencing problems, according to Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale.

Khalwale, who paid a visit to the school on Thursday, April 13, reported that it was still getting its supply of water from a supposedly filthy river nearby.

"I'm disappointed to report that nothing has shifted on the ground, and I want to urge the parents of this excellent institution to keep their kids home from school until the necessary modifications have been implemented, as originally agreed upon."

He said in a statement that "the storage area for food is still chock-full of bad and rotten foodstuff in defiance of the instruction that these grains, loaded with deadly preservation agents, should be disposed of (preferably burned) prior to the student's returning."

The senator said that no plans had been made to provide the pupils with clean, dependable alternatives or to cleanse the water for them.

And lastly, the personnel who are directly or indirectly to blame for this awful state of things that led to our children's deaths and associated long-term health repercussions for others are still employed.

"The Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) appropriately are suspected of malfunctioning and not to take any single steps against the school principal, BOM, as well as other officers who, by means of pure carelessness, intentionally done greed, or incompetence, were held accountable for the current potentially fatal getaway at Mukumu Girls," he claimed.

In addition, he advised parents not to send their kids back to school on May 2nd until each one of the aforementioned issues was successfully resolved in light of the tragic passing of a third student earlier this week.

"We cannot make the error of returning these innocent souls to the negligent hands of those who have overseen their own personal suffering and ultimately death."

In order to prevent the resurgence of waterborne infections, Susan Nakhumicha, cabinet secretary for health services, said last week that a multi-agency team had been entrusted with overseeing the refurbishment of the school's water distribution system, kitchen, dining, and grain storage facilities, as well as the expansion of the boarding area.

She added that the team would address the school in Kakamega County's evident water pollution even if the authorities were still conducting laboratory investigations via entities like the Government Chemist and the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri).

Two local schoolchildren passed away from gastroenteritis, a condition brought on by contaminated water.

64 of the 108 girls who had been hospitalised received medical attention and were released.

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