Tanzania musician Lucas Mkenda well known as Mr Nice

Over the last two years, veteran bongo musician Lucas Mkenda, famously known as Mr. Nice, has made his home in Kitengela, which is located in Kenya.

To begin, Mr. Nice was formerly revered as the undisputed master of bongo music back in his golden years.

He commanded Kenyan radio stations in the 2000s with his hit songs like Fagilia, Kidalipo, and Kikulacho, but he eventually made room for new artists such as Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz.

After being ridiculed by Tanzanians for his decline in popularity and eventual bankruptcies, Mr. Nice relocated to Uganda in 2018 and sought to find a job there. He was unsuccessful.

Mr. Nice explained why he moved to Uganda by saying that he needed a job to take care of his family and that he couldn't afford to stay in his home country and let his own life get worse by staying there.

In 2018, Mr. Nice uprooted his former life and moved to Kitengela, which is situated in Kajiado County.

During a subsequent conversation, Mr. Nice revealed that he had just come to the conclusion that he wanted to go to Kenya since that is where the majority of his family is originally from.

He went on to say that he truly does not feel any shame for being in Kenya and that no one has the privilege of questioning him.

Mr. Nice has a Kenyan wife who now lives and works in Australia as a medical professional.

He said that whenever she visits her family in Kenya or Tanzania on vacation, they divide their time between both countries. Also, he travels to Australia on occasion.

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