Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru Aburi photos
Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru Aburi

In Kenya, hardly any 33-year-olds are able to meet Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru's standard of living. Many Kenyans, both young and old, look up to the National Ordinary Peoples Empowerment Union (NOPEU) party secretary-general as an example of someone who is succeeding in life and achieving their goals.

The son of Mpuru Aburi, who served as a Member of Parliament for Tigania East in the past, was born in the county of Meru. He went to the Moi Forces Academy and then continued his education at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA), where he received his Bachelor of Laws degree.

Rodgers, a husband and father of two, began his path to wealth by starting a car wash in South Boston just after graduating from college.

With time, the company thrived, and he expanded by opening a number of other car washes across Nairobi.

The 33-year-old established Rodgers Place along Bunyala Road after seeing its meteoric rise in popularity. Over 200 destroyed cars are housed in the yard, which occupies a one-acre plot of ground.

Kipembe continued to grow his company, adding multiple locations in Nairobi and diversifying his portfolio to include the banking and media industries.

He is the proprietor of Thiiri FM, a forthcoming radio station that transmits in Ameru, as well as the renowned Meru TV, one of the top vernacular broadcasters in the nation.

The banking industry is another area in which Aburi's son is involved. He has a microfinance company that focuses on and supports business owners and farmers via loans and agricultural initiatives.

Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru Aburi photos

He is a founding member of the NOPEU party, which strives to provide a platform for regular citizens who want to change the nation via the elected office.

The businessman said that he has 18 personal vehicles, including a Porsche Cayenne, a Land Rover Discovery, a Toyota V8, three Range Rovers, and six Mercedes Benz, among others. The businessman said he had no intention of competing for an elected position in the August elections.

He also said that he resides in a multi-million dollar house on a 3-acre plot of property in Karen, Nairobi's beautiful suburbs. In the Meru County settlement of Tigania East, where he was raised, he also owns a cottage.

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