Millicent Omanga
 Millicent Omanga

After a purportedly intimate video of the Ministry of Internal Security's Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Millicent Omanga, emerged online last night, she has now spoken out.

Omanga shared a text from the Bible on her social media accounts, in which God tells his chosen ones that he has bestowed upon their power and that absolutely nothing can harm them.

"Look, you have my permission to walk over snakes, scorpions, and all the armies of the adversary without suffering any injury." Luke 10:19.  "Stakeholders, good day," Omanga wrote.

In the widely shared video, Omanga is seen lying in bed wearing a frock reminiscent of one she wore when participating in a tree-planting initiative.

If the footage is a profound fake that was produced by someone with a malicious purpose and shared online, it is unclear who did it.

Some of her supporters are supporting the CAS, asserting that it was a covert scheme to discredit Omanga.

Leaking another person's digital information online is against the law. It is a provision of the Uhuru Kenyatta-passed Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act of 2018.

Section 31 of Kenya's constitution establishes the following as an offence:

"Anyone who transfers, publishes, or transmits, including making a digital image available for distribution or download via a telecommunications network or by any other means of computer data transfer, an intimate or obscene image of another person, commits an offence and will be held legally responsible, if convicted, by paying a fine not exceeding two hundred thousand shillings or imprisonment not exceeding two years, or both."

Her supporters have pushed her to file a lawsuit. It was unjust for anybody to capture such a video and disseminate it, Robert Alai said in the post.

"Pole Mhesh. Such photos shouldn't be taken on private occasions. Even if we disagree politically, it is unwise. It's unfair to you."

Karen Nyamu, a candidate for senator, defended her and urged Kenyans to stop acting as if they slept in clothing.

Ms. Nyamu affirmed that certain things cannot shake the CAS while questioning the motivations of the individual who published the purported video on her Facebook page.

"Yes, I have seen the Mnanitumia video. There is nothing there to feel embarrassed about. We've all done it: slept with our bottoms exposed. What's all the fuss about? The idiot filming the video must come into sharper focus than the lady. Are you Kwani Wewe? What do you want to achieve?"

There are certain ladies you just can't win over. Karen typed.

She then instructed Millicent Omanga to maintain her composure.

Mike Sonko, a former governor of Nairobi, said the CAS was just dozing off after "a lengthy day of tree planting" when the incident occurred.

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