You may have tuned in to tunes by Diana Mayonde Nduba, better known by her stage name Mayonde if you like Kenyan soul music.

Diana Mayonde Nduba, better known by her stage name Mayonde photos with husband and net worth

The musician has a long history in the Kenyan music industry. From the time she entered Kenya's soul music scene, her singing ability has consistently been an influence to be reckoned with.

Fans recently expressed amazement that Mayonde might have had a kid in secret and kept that important fact from them.

She has been a great figure in music. In January, she shared a cute photo of her baby. People had vast opinions about the picture she shared.

She posted a weekend video showing a picture of a baby bouncing affectionately in the arms of its adoring mother, and people shared their opinions with her.

 The singer has kept things quiet, revealing only her training regimen, which she started in late 2022.

Diana Mayonde Nduba, better known by her stage name Mayonde photos with husband and net worth

The new year, however, has brought quite a few changes, and she seems to have revealed her family when they were on a weekend break.

Diana Mayonde Nduba was wrapping her lower body with a towel as she wore a swimming suit.

In a sweet video, Mayonde uploaded a picture of an adorable newborn boy leaping on her legs as she held him and gazed affectionately at him as Amapiano played in the background.

Her spouse, who seemed content, was the one who recorded the video. She subtitles the video, "He's a dancer like his dad.

Diana Mayonde Nduba, better known by her stage name Mayonde photos with husband and net worth

"Let's go, you know the dance," her spouse adds. She reportedly startled her followers when they asked about what seemed to be a quiet announcement.

 She had to say out loud that the kid was not hers.

"Friends, the infant in the earlier tales is not my kid. All I am is a proud aunt. It wasn't any type of soft launch or announcement."

The musician is married to Just a Band member and creative director Mbithi Masya. She spoke up about having kids shortly after marriage in 2019.

Mayonde spoke candidly to Malkia Africa Production in 2019 about her marriage, her kids, and the other side of herself.

She said that it is a subject for future generations and that she hadn't really considered if she was prepared since the two of them are learning better self-care techniques.

She first worked as an auxiliary vocalist for several well-known performers before going solo.

She has several well-known songs, including Isukuti Love, Nairobi, Shika, and Rise. In a difficult choice, she abandoned secular music in favour of gospel music.

Biography of Mayonde

She was born in Nairobi on April 28, 1988, and raised in Ngumo. Her mother is from Rwanda, and her father is from Kenya. Her tribe is still unknown.

She is the youngest child of a four-person household. One brother and two sisters make up her three siblings.

Diana Mayonde Nduba, better known by her stage name Mayonde photos with husband and net worth

When she was young, she was timid and fat. The boys teased Mayonde for being overweight and tormented her.

She signed up for the Statehouse Girls School to complete her high school studies. She was actively involved in the choir, swimming, and acting. 

She slimmed down a little in high school and had more self-assurance. She enrolled at Daystar University to pursue a communication degree after graduating from high school.

Mayonde began singing professionally when she was simply a little child. She sang in the church's children's choir. She was involved in choir in high school and formed the singing ensemble "The Jesus Freaks" with two of her classmates.

Although she was an undergraduate, she maintained her love of music. After joining college, she began singing professionally. Blackman, the producer at Kijiji Records, was introduced to her by her sister.

He called her to set up an audition, requested a song from her, and everything else is history. Her life was profoundly altered by just one event. She has had a fantastic mentor in Blackman.

Their goal as Kijiji Records was to use pop culture to spread the gospel. The band used to play at various churches and high schools. She provided support vocals for hip-hop gospel performers like Atemi and Sarah Mitaro.

Mayonde and Trina Mungai additionally appeared together at Coke Studio Africa in 2015, where they supported talented African superstars for two seasons in the capacity of background singers. She published her first album, Magic in the Air, in 2015. Isikuti Love was then released later.

Her major breakthrough occurred in 2017 when she worked with rappers Muthoni Drummer Queen, Kagwe Mungai, and Blinky Bill to create the classic song Kama Kawaida.

Additionally, they worked together to create the song Party Nation. She immediately gained prominence because of her stellar partnerships.

In only one month of 2019, she released two brand-new songs. The first one included her soul sister, Trina Mungai, in a femme fatale collaboration. Shika, a song, was also published by her.

Mayonde has performed at Blankes and Wine, one of East Africa's most well-liked performance spaces. She has taken part in several international performances. 

In 2014, Mayonde participated in the Peace International Concert in Amsterdam. She also participated in the 2012 European tour of the musical theatre production Out of Africa—Magic Kenya.

Mayonde's husband, marriage and family

Mayonde is a contentedly married lady. Her husband's name is Mbithi Masya. Her spouse is a member of Just a Band and a creative director. They have been dating for a while. Mayonde had just turned 17 when their relationship began.

Diana Mayonde Nduba, better known by her stage name Mayonde photos with husband and net worth
Mayonde and her husband Mbithi Masya

Mayonde calls her spouse "my first love" in one of her songs. In a beautiful wedding ceremony, the couple wed in 2013. More about Mbithi Masya may be found on his Instagram.

A major player in the Kenyan soul music scene is Mayonde. She has risen up the ladder of her music profession to establish herself as an established figure in the business thanks to her lyrical voice and unique new-age musical style.


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