Kenya Police car in Kenya

At least 31 individuals, including 17 children, were saved by the police in Nakuru after they had been held captive at the house of a person who has been accused of serving as the head of a cult.

The individuals were being kept captive inside a home that belonged to one Hellen Wanjiru Weri, who was 62 years old.

The residence can be found in the Kamwene "B" village, more specifically in the Mugumini sub-location of the Lusiru location of the Kihingo ward.

Insiders were able to view a police record from April 27 that stated that a mother's daughter had vanished from her new job in order to go to Weri's house, which had prompted an alert.

Rosemary Tuwei, who is 66 years old, went to the police to report that her daughter, Leah Cherono, who is 35 years old, was being held captive at the residence because she had refused to come to work as a community health nurse. This was a position that Rosemary Tuwei had acquired for her child, who has four children.

According to Tuwei, Cherono was scheduled to start her new job on April 26, but she decided against accompanying her husband to the construction site.

It was then discovered that she had supposedly been held captive in Weri's residence together with 30 other people, the youngest of whom was just two years old and the oldest of whom was 59 years old.

Allegations have been made that Weri is the leader of an unregistered "church" known as Army Rurwama.

The DCC of the Njoro sub-county, the SCCIO of the Njoro sub-county, the CIPU commander of the Njoro sub-county, and the ASTU Likia-based commander all went to the scene.

People were reported to be participating in communal activities such as fasting and prayer. They were evacuated, brought to the police station, and eventually freed while inquiries into the incident got underway.

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