Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, who is married to the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua
Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, married to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, who is married to the Deputy President, has said that she is devoted to the development of a national widow Sacco. This Sacco would assist widows in gaining financial assistance so that they may improve their lives.

Pastor Dorcas told widows' groups in Loitoktok, Kajiado County, where she met Osigili Nkoliaei from Kajiado South, that her office would try to get money to help the Sacco fund projects that help widows become more independent.

 According to her, the Sacco would have 47 chapters all throughout the nation to assist people in forming cooperatives, which would not only assist people in owning land but also in owning homes.

"We need to break away from widows just taking out loans and depending on the assistance of others and instead have them own their farms and homes via a Sacco," she added.

Pastor Dorcas also asked the women to help her reach her goal of saving the boy child by fighting against drugs in their own communities and letting the government know about people who are involved in the drug trade.

"We cannot have our sons dying each day because someone is giving them poison, and we know who is producing that poison and who are individuals who are meant to assist the widows and society, but we are hiding them to prosper in our society," she stated.

She voiced her worry about the growing population of young males living on the streets, and she said that her office is now developing a scheme to help rehabilitate these youngsters.

According to Pastor Dorcas, the emancipation of young boys will also assist in the battle against the practice of female genital mutilation in some regions of the nation.

She claims that the problem will be resolved and that society will assist in retraining men and boys to respect women and recognise that a lady who has had her hair cropped is not in any way superior to other women.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is still practised in certain areas of Kajiado County, according to Commissioner Felix Watakila.

Pastor Dorcas reiterated her position on LGBTQ issues by saying that the country would not submit to pressure from the west to alter its traditions, laws, or values.

"On the LGBTQ issue, we are not apologising; we have made our position clear. They (foreigners) may continue with their tradition, and we can continue with ours; nevertheless, they should accept ours.

"When we travel to other countries, we also appreciate their culture, and they should respect ours," she remarked.

During her speech at the ceremony, the First Lady of Kajiado County, H.E. Edna Lenku, said that certain cultural customs have led to the county's widows losing their farms and other forms of property.

Among other leaders, the ceremony was attended by County MP Hon. Leah Sankare, Kajiado South MP Hon. Parashina Sakimba, and Kajiado County Commissioner Felix Watakila.

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