Rayvanny, the ex-boyfriend of model Paula Kajala, made amends with Fahyma

Although Rayvanny, the ex-boyfriend of model Paula Kajala, made amends with Fahyma, his co-parent, and even included her in the music video for his latest single, "Forever," it seems that she is ready to harbour resentment.

There have been speculations that Paula would appear in Marioo's next music video since she has recently been seen hanging out with the singer.

The two have undoubtedly shown their love for one another, even if it is unclear whether they are dating.

The 20-year-old model's attractiveness was lauded, and Marioo made note of his liking for her on Saturday.

"Imagine a raw baby like this one loving you.. @therealpaulahkajala #ananipenda is coming soon," Marioo wrote under a Tiktok video of Paula playing his new song 'Ananipenda.'

Paula said on Instagram in response to the post that she wished they had met sooner.

She sent him a message saying, "I wish I could have met you sooner," along with emoticons expressing her undying love.

The model remained Mario's favourite, and he acknowledged this. These occurrences take place around a week after Rayvanny and Fahyma, alias Fayvanny, announced the rekindling of their romance that ended roughly three years previously.

After they broke up, Rayvanny quickly got serious with Paula, who is the daughter of Frida Kajala.

But last year, the CEO of Next Level Music gave indications that he and the model were no longer dating when playing at the Fiesta 2022 event in Sumbawanga, Tanzania.

"I'm warning you not to fall prey to love like Dulla did. Just as with food, love shouldn't be compared. I renounced; I dumped Paula."

He made some allusions to mourning the end of those connections earlier this year, and then he made some allusions to seeing her again later on.


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