Speeding Lorry Rams Into Crowd in Migori Town

Leader of the Azimio party, Raila Odinga, gave the relatives of the bereaved a message of sympathy.

The horrific tragedy that happened this morning at the boda boda stage in Migori town resulted in the loss of many people, including friends, family members, and coworkers, Raila said.

He said, "May God give you all the tenacity to get through this trying time."

On Saturday, April 8, a truck lost control and crashed into a boda boda parking spot in Migori County, which is on the route between Migori and Isibiania. At least 20 people died in the accident.

The driver was one of the casualties who received grave wounds, according to observers.

The lorry's driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle's speed just outside of the city, causing it to crash close to Migori Primary School.

"We saw the truck rushing into town and colliding with automobiles, boda boda riders, and onlookers as it went down a slope.

"It then struck a sand-filled vehicle, causing it to halt. The eyewitness who works next to the Easy Coach booking station in Migori said that if the vehicle without sand hadn't been there, the truck carrying rice (which lost control) might well have murdered additional individuals.

He continued by saying that some locals stole the rice while others saved the victims. Police arrived quickly at the location to control the traffic and throng.

Along with the police, many rescue workers rushed to the scene to help the people who were hurt and take them to nearby hospitals. Moreover, corpses were transported to a neighbouring mortuary.

According to reports, the truck's brakes failed, which caused it to lose control of the incline and cause the collision.

Speeding Lorry Rams Into Crowd in Migori Town

The Nairobi-Nakuru Highway is considered to be the nation's most hazardous route, according to statistics from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), which show that 1,072 lives were lost in traffic accidents between January and March 2023.

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen said he would take action against all unsafe cars to reduce the number of people who die in accidents.

The CS said, "I instructed NTSA to increase monitoring to guarantee unroadworthy cars are not permitted on our roads."

In order to minimise the number of fatalities, Murkomen also proposed improvements to automobile inspection, the installation of cameras on roads, and civic education programmes for Kenyans on road safety.

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