Kenya Redcross in Shakahola

Although Paul Mackenzie's Shakahola property has so far produced 39 corpses, do you know what's really unsettling? The authorities have not yet dug more than 50 graves. When they do, that figure will be absurd.

According to local reports, Pastor Paul Mackenzie had no less than 300 devoted disciples in the forest.

Most of them were women and children. Three-quarters of his church members were women in his cult at Shakahola.

As part of the ongoing investigation into a gruesome cult in Shakahola, Kilifi, 116 people have been reported missing.

The Kenya Red Cross said in a tweet sent out early on Monday that it has set up tracing and counselling stations at the Malindi Sub-County Hospital in preparation for the Shakahola reaction.

As the operation to exhume further mass graves in what is now known as the Shakahola massacre started its fourth day, 112 people had been reported missing at the tracing desk. 

On Sunday, April 23, detectives performing exhumations discovered 18 additional victims buried in shallow graves, bringing the total number of dead exhumed so far to 39.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie, a contentious preacher who allegedly brainwashed his followers—some of them dropped out of school while others quit their jobs to pursue a religious mirage—is at the centre of the slaughter.

With the prospect of seeing Jesus, members of what is now being labelled as a religious cult were told to starve themselves to death.

Many of the controversial pastor's followers, who came from various regions of the nation, are said to have sold their possessions and abandoned their homes before travelling to Malindi to participate in the murder fast.

Even though more than 50 graves were found on Sunday, detectives have not yet dug up the remains of those who are still living.

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