Pastor Paul Makenzie Nthenge exhumed bodies in Shakahola, Chakama, Malindi, Kilifi

On the property of Pastor Paul Mackenzie, dozens of dead bodies are still being buried. According to locals, Shakahola Malindi's 800-acre area has around 100 graves from the controversial pastor's congregation.

The preacher moved to Shakahola, Chakama, in 2019 from his main church in Malindi. Since then, the pastor has been conducting his activities in the forest with the aid of his established TV channel.

The pastor later sold the channel to New Life pastor Ezekiel Odero. While in Shakahola, the preacher continued with his activities in secrecy.

Following the revelation that the preacher had instructed his Good News International followers to fast in order to connect with God, the priest courted criticism.

Five people—a husband, wife, and their three children—were the most recent to have their corpses found.

A family from Sosobora village in Langobaya Division is still looking for their family members—husband, wife, her sister, and three children—who were Good News Faithfuls.

Pastor Paul Makenzie Nthenge exhumed bodies in Shakahola, Chakama, Malindi, Kilifi

According to sources, Moses Muganga and his family went to the Shakahola and later lost contact with his two remaining children at home, who refused to follow their parents.

"My dad told me to go and collect his belongings at his house near the beloved temple in Shakahola."

"When we were taking his items out, we found a letter," Jimmy, son of the departed family, narrated.

"The letter was written; look for your mother and sisters. If you find them alive, take care of them. Your father is going to Paradiso," he added.

Hunderds have flocked to the area from across the country looking for their loved ones as DCI intensifies its search. More than 56 graves have been identified, and law enforcement officers continue to exhume bodies for autopsies by government pathologists.


When the controversial pastor was freed after being arrested in connection with the first deaths of three children, he managed to evacuate hundreds in a truck that used the Baolala-Sosobora-Mongotini route.


The transported individuals were taken to an unknown destination. The police officers are still probing and searching for the truck and the whereabouts of the transported individuals.


The pastor is still in police custody until the search and investigation are over. Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung'aro urged the court not to release the man of God until the "religious massacre" is concluded.


Pastor Paul Mackenzie staged a hunger strike while in custody; police claim that he has refused to eat since his arrest four days ago. The controversial pastor says he wants to go to paradise as well.

Pastor Paul Makenzie Nthenge exhumed bodies in Shakahola, Chakama, Malindi, Kilifi

Several emaciated people have been rescued in the forest, with others tied to trees, waiting for their time to die while fasting.


The controversial pastor is alleged to have an operation gang responsible for burying the emaciated bodies after continuous fasting. The gang dug shallow graves and buried the congregants for a fee.


Their gang leader is believed to be one of the notorious pastor's close friends in the church. Police officers are also on the manhunt after finding their hideout, where they seized machetes, shovels, and jembes, among other items.



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