Online, the name Steve Collins has been in the news because it is linked to a well-known masseur based in Karasani.

This happened when footage of him offering ladies tantric massage while they were wearing birthday suits began to circulate on social media.

He now claims that his business has gained more clients as a direct result of his trending online.

At this time, he also advised men to follow their wives or girlfriends to massage appointments if they believed it was risky for their wives or girlfriends to make the trip alone.

Steve Collins giving massage to women in Kasarani

Collins said in a subsequent interview that other guys are envious of his hustle even though he can provide for himself.

"Let me tell you something, wallahi billahi sikulangi stock. And I'm only doing this as a hustle. Natafuta unga, just like the rest of you. Mwache hizo siasa mkonazo. Wanaume nawaelewa ni wivu mkonayo juu mnaona nikifanya kitu mngetaka kufanya, your dream jobs. Poleni."

He emphasised that he had never slept with his clients in contrast to the allegations that were spreading online by members of the general public.

"This work is the same as every other job out there. Mwache chuki. While I've seen a lot of comments, some of which are nice and some of which are bad, I still believe that Mti ikikosa kupigwa mawe haina matunda is accurate. Kujeni mnipige, "he said.

After receiving numerous complaints from those who disagree with what he does, his Instagram profile and account were both terminated as a result.

"My enemies have finally done what they set out to do. They reported my main account, so it has been banned for good."

In addition, he reassured his followers that he does not videotape his customers and that any films that he posts on social media are footage of his models.

"I do not record my customers, and the videos that I upload are of my models, who we use to sell my work and tell the world about us," he added. 

"I post videos of my models because we use them to tell the world about us."

He additionally claimed that men would pay for their spouses to have massages at his salon, which is something that guys do.

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