Veteran singer Mwanaisha Abdalla is better known by his stage name Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo

Veteran singer Mwanaisha Abdalla is better known by his stage name Nyota Ndogo among the richest artists at the coast. He was recently named the second-richest artist in Mombasa, which made him unhappy.

In a clip she posted on Instagram, the wife and mother of two voiced her concerns about how the richest artists in the country are chosen.

Nyota Ndogo said that she didn't have enough money in her account to move up to the second spot on the list.

"I've been given the number two spot among the wealthy artists in Mombasa. How are they conducting this study? I have no money in my account, "she said.

The artist from the Coast made it obvious to everyone that she's also having trouble finding money to cover her expenses.

She said that she is just a regular person who owns a motel in Voi town. She also said that the fact that she was one of the wealthiest musicians made her easy to steal from.

"I have no idea how you amassed those riches. My harassment began when the goons began to read, guys. Even when I stop to fuel up the car, I'm being followed. I shouldn't even be on the list since I'm regular, "she said.

She emphasised the fact that she had nothing whatsoever to steal from the criminals who have been pursuing her. "Mother that I am, I have no idea where that income comes from. How do you know we're wealthy? "she asked.

Nyota underlined that a lot of time had passed since her last musical performance. She then requested that her name be included on the list of artists.

"You would be listed among the aspiring musicians. physicians who focus on other endeavours in order to pay their bills and buy food. That indicates I'm having trouble. But disregard me in terms of riches," she said.

She also told researchers that when figuring out how much her white husband, Henning Nielsen, was worth, they shouldn't focus on how rich he was.

"Set aside that white dude."

"If he is not present, then I will always count myself," she remarked.

She made it obvious that she always works more on her own, independent of her spouse, so that she won't be left in a difficult situation if they divorce.


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