The leader of the Wiper Party, Kalonzo Musyoka in Makueni

The leader of the Wiper Party, Kalonzo Musyoka, is now calling on the Kamba community to end what he perceives as a pattern of timidity, which is poor participation in the twice-monthly anti-government demonstrations.

Musyoka said this on Wednesday in Makueni, at the funeral of Machakos businessman and longtime friend Pius Musembi.

He said that the Kamba people should act the same way as the Luo if they want to support a political leader effectively in the future.

"If you Kambas acted like Luos, we would take this seat the next day," the leader of the Kamba people said.

"The lack of courage that we showed... If we were more like Musembi, people all around the country would make mention of us. These things are never handed out; rather, they must be taken. I say you go for it!" Kalonzo advised the Kamba people.

"And if you want to use the bible, Matthew 12:11 says that ever since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God has suffered violence, and those who are violent will take it by force."

From the point of view of a former vice president, people from his community have been supporting candidates from other communities for a long time in the hope that the same will be done for them, whether or not they support candidates from their own community.

"Who exactly are you expecting to come along and tell you that 'we are repaying the favour?"

"When it comes to the leadership of a country, there is no such thing; thus, you should go for it!" Kalonzo stated.

Speaking to audience member Charity Ngilu, the former governor of Kitui, who has been conspicuously missing from the demonstrations, Kalonzo stated, "My sister Charity, I want to see you next time, and if I am marching, I want to see you there."

Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition in Kenya, called for an end to the anti-government demonstrations on Sunday, after three days of demonstrations, the majority of which took place in the cities of Nairobi and Kisumu.

He also said that he is willing to talk with President William Ruto's government about the most important problems they have with it.

President Ruto had asked Odinga a few hours earlier to stop the protests and instead try to work out a way for the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission commissioners to be chosen through a bipartisan parliamentary process.

One of the concerns that the opposition has brought up with the government of President Ruto is the establishment of a brand new electoral body.

Kalonzo said on Wednesday that the Azimio La Umoja alliance would be sending people to the bipartisan committee to represent it. He also made a plea for "sincere" communication.

"We have no objections to the bipartisan team, and we will provide the list of parliamentary team members tomorrow."

"We will submit our list to the parliamentary team. It demonstrates that we are for discussion, and the discourse must be honest," he told those who had come to pay their respects.

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