Villagers in Magarjali, which is in Tana River County, saw a dramatic show when a 24-year-old man ran away with the woman who had been his father's wife.

The man's father, Ishmael Golo, who is 71 years old, had already paid the bride price for Saada Mohammed, and they were planning to be married just after the holy month of Ramadan.

Due to the holy month, the formal wedding was delayed until the moment that was specified by the family member who shared the information.

Wedding ring on the Tana River man

Hassan Wario, a relative, reported that the man came to an agreement with the girl's parents that the other parts of the wedding would actually happen after Ramadan, during the first week after Eid.

It is thought that his son Ahmed Golo ran away with his father's fiancee after his mother and other family members failed to stop him from marrying her.

Since they felt she was too young for him, Ahmed and his relatives had pleaded with their father not to marry the young lady. They said that since their brother was older than the woman, their father should change his mind and find someone closer to his own age to marry.


Wario claimed that other family members had made an effort to persuade the kids to agree with their father's decision, but the kids had shown no sign of doing so.

As a consequence of this, Ahmed, who said that his father's behaviour swore allegiance to the family name, searched for Saada and ran away with her. He gave his father a message in which he asked his father to go after his classmates.

"We first discovered she was gone about 10 a.m. since we could not locate her; all we discovered was a message written in our language, but the writing was not hers," Saada's sister Asha Fadhe revealed.

When some time had passed, Ahmed placed a call to his mother to inform her that he had decided to marry the girl and seemed to have had offspring with her prior to coming home.

"He promises that he will marry the girl and have a family with her before he goes back to his own country. I attempted to persuade her that it was not acceptable, but he claims that she has already consented and is glad that he was able to rescue her." That was according to Ahmed's mother.

Golo, on the other hand, asked the family of the young woman to give him back his dowry. He also said that his first and third wives were trying to stop him from marrying the young woman.

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