Popular YouTuber Josh Wonder and Ajib Muthoni

Popular YouTuber and Tiktoker Josh Wonder has spoken openly about his unexpected split from award-winning TikToker artist Ajib Gathoni, his ex-girlfriend.

Josh said in a TikTok live video that Ajib had surreptitiously tried to have him evicted from the home for which he was paying a lease in the days before the divorce.

Josh said that since he was named as the tenant in the lease agreement, he had been in charge of making sure the rent was paid.

Ajib had sought to have all legal papers transferred to her name as the relationship deteriorated, thereby making her the owner of the property and giving her the power to force Josh to leave.

"In the past, while we were still dating, I was the one who made sure the rent was paid and handled any other issues relating to the residence.

Popular YouTuber Josh Wonder and Ajib Muthoni

"When things started to go bad, "person X" made the decision to phone the property's owner and request that they alter every piece of information in the renter's contract that connected my name to hers," Josh informed his followers.

The lease was thankfully in Josh's name, and his brother was designated as the next of kin since he had been sufficiently mature to make sure of that.

Having "played it smart and made sure that the next of kin [indicated in any of his documents] is my brother," he expressed his satisfaction in retrospect. "I would be homeless right now."

She was unaware that the residence we were in did not include any of her personal information. The business owner was horrified.

Josh: "When the owner was speaking to me, I told him I also didn't know what was going on."

He responded, "I don't even understand who you are, first of all." "Can I talk to Josh?"

Popular YouTuber Josh Wonder and Ajib Muthoni

Josh and Ajib's split had been officially announced two weeks before his live broadcast. Although the specifics of the breakup were unclear at the time, Josh's admissions provided some insight into possible events.

Fans of the pair will be forced to remain patient and watch what happens over the next several days; it is unclear how Ajib will react to Josh's accusations.

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