Lydia Mukodha, who was arrested together with her companion Ms. Martha Naigaga

Two Ugandan teachers who were jailed for allegedly encouraging lesbianism at a public school will not be able to go free on bail. The court's decision was made yesterday.

Lydia Mukodha, who was arrested together with her companion Ms. Martha Naigaga, was the one who applied for release on behalf of the PMM Girls' SS deputy head teacher position.

According to the Daily Monitor, Magistrate Agnes Musiime refused to grant the two defendants bail because she believed that keeping them in jail would be safer for them.

The magistrate thought that it would be best to think about the safety of the two people before letting them back into the community.

"The court has to make sure she is safe because people in the community were already bothering her before the police took her into custody."Her disclosure may (obviously) risk her life; "she held sway."

The judge went on to say that even if she let them out on bond, they might face trouble at home and at work, even if she let them go.

The prosecutor, Florence Kataike, questioned Lydia's request for freedom while the investigation is still going on. She said that the accused person seemed to be able to change important evidence. Lydia's appeal was turned down.

The teacher put up her father, George Wilson Taitika, and her brother, Michael Waiswa, as collateral to get her out of jail.

The perpetrators have been ordered to remain in detention until the 20th of April, which is the day on which they are scheduled to appear in court once again.

Lydia and Martha were both taken into custody on March 3 and charged with gross indecency solicitation and indecent assault, respectively.

Their detention occurred when a group of parents invaded the school in response to reports that the two individuals were encouraging lesbianism among the student body.

A store owner who has worked with the teacher for a while said that she is "extremely wealthy" and that she is known for spending a lot of money.

According to the proprietor of the business, Lydia often makes purchases of alcoholic drinks not just for herself and her partner but also for other people, regardless of gender.

He recounted an incident in which the teacher asked him to give "her wife" a large bottle of soda. This made another client ask the teacher what gender they were.


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