Dr Peter Macharia Murugu visiting Pastor Ezekiel Odero
Dr Peter Macharia Murugu visiting Pastor Ezekiel Odero 

A video of Dr Peter Macharia Murugu visiting Pastor Ezekiel Odero in Mombasa at a crusade in VoK elicited mixed reactions online.

Dr Peter Macharia Murugu is a renowned Kenyan herbalist who has contributed greatly to research and the discovery of herbal remedies. He started the Murugu Herbal Clinic and the Murugu Natural and Nutritional Clinic.


After duping unsuspecting Kenyans, Dr Murugu visited the New Life pastor Ezekiel Odero after losing his eyesight. It is suspected that a client decided to bewitch the herbalist, as he explained to the man of God.


Murugu has made his name in the entire region of East Africa with his Murugu products, especially Murugu LIBI-Power, which allegedly helped men prowess in bed.


Peter Murugu explained to Pastor Ezekiel how people are following him in his dreams and in his vision, demanding his blood.


"Sioni Kabisa. Naona kama kivuli. Nimeviziwa na mkwe na mama mkwe karibu na kuuliwa. Wanataka kiniua kwasababu ya mali yangu. Rafiki yangu alinipeleka kwa washirikina. Niendee na jogoo mweupe na mweusi. Naomba unisaidie," Dr. Peter Macharia Murugu explained to New Life pastor Ezekiel Odero.


He added that people wanted to take over his properties after he made his name in the country. He was advised to go to a witch doctor in western Canada for his troubles to an end.


People on social media have differing opinions on his seeking help endeavour.


@Mirithu Pharis: "This guy is a criminal..he took away my money with a lot of pride and chest-thumping..and by the way he is lying there.."


@Baba Lucy, "Dr. Hutibu Magojwa Yote Now with Pastor, these are two criminals in different acts."

@Geoffrey Osotsi, "It is not heartbreaking and I can't feel for him. He never helped anybody. He was a con. I spent a lot of money with his fake herbs and they never worked, so what goes around comes around. He will pay what he has costed people dearly."


@Tent Maker, "Heartbreaking, Ama ikue murugu ni arif wa huyo pastor sasa wanfanya tu sarakasi.


@Daudi Gichan, "Don't trust what you don't know. True religion only befits those churches that came into existence a long time ago. Nowadays, religions are money-making businesses.


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