Massage master shares inner details of his business after being trailed by men who wants to be smashed in his business. 

Steve, a massage therapist, revealed the highest payment a male client had ever offered to sleep with him.

According to Steve, a male admirer slipped into his DM and proposed. The consumer progressed even farther, calling Steve because his phone number was posted on his social media profiles.

Massage by Steve price per day or session

He claims that these occurrences led him to quit massaging guys. He shared a story in a conversation with Massawe Japanni.

"I used to work with men, but I quit when they became emotional.

"I often receive requests from men for massages, but I no longer provide that service."

"Men are incapable of respecting limits." "They were nasty and made strange demands, which made my job extremely difficult."

Steve added that certain individuals would test his resolve by pushing his limits.

"Some would pay me to have intimate relationships with them."

"Being straight, I don't have affairs with men. I'm not LGBT."

"I once received a Sh260,000 offer from a customer to bed me."

"He slipped into my DM then called after finding it on my social media."

Contrary to popular assumption, Steve claims that men phone him to schedule appointments for the important ladies in their lives.

"Men calling me to make reservations for their wives are the majority of the callers."

"This is due to their hectic schedules and inability to fulfil their request."

"Some guys observe, while others go for a stroll and return after it is over. Some want me to film and email them the footage, while others want live sessions."


Does Steve spleeps with his customers?

"I don't sleep with my customers because they won't pay me if I do."

"What would I lose if I had affairs with ten clients? Additionally, obtaining that many customers is difficult."

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