Ennies, a well-known Snapchat slay queen, has been kicked out of the property she claims to have purchased and for which she also had a housewarming party.

Others with knowledge of the situation claim that her now ex-boyfriend purchased the home under the guise of his mother.

Snapchat star and slay queen Ennies photo

Sources claim that the move made Ennies so angry that she demanded her lover amend the home records to reflect that she was the owner of the property.

But, for them to maintain their stability, her boyfriend at the time is said to have given her a forged passport.

When some time had passed, he eventually went back to retrieve the home along with the legal papers that had been misplaced.

This led to a commotion, and it was learned that the estate managers who came to the scene of the brawl that erupted acknowledged that the paper she possessed was a fake. This led to more complications.

When some time passed, she related what occurred between her and her ex-boyfriend in her own words.

Ennies, who verified that the paperwork for the property under issue is in the name of her ex-mother, said that she donated the remainder for the purchase even though he claimed it was a surprise for her. 

The disagreement centres on the ownership of the residence.

She went on to say that she had bought furniture and other items for the property using her own money before realising that the title wasn't in her name.

Ennies said that after she became aware of this information, she made a claim for the money that she had donated to the home.

She said that she had her ex's passport in her possession and that she had promised to return it to him when he paid her back the money she owed him.

The Snapchat star went on to say that their fight got worse quickly and caught the attention of onlookers when she tried to return some of the things she had bought for the house. 

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