Riang'ombe Primary School in Nyamira County
 Riang'ombe Primary School in Nyamira County pupil.

The event, which took place at Riang'ombe Primary School in Nyamira County, where a fourth-grade kid at Riang'ombe Primary School was left with major injuries because of being whipped by his teacher, has been condemned by a segment of Kenyans who have gone to social media.

When the pupil went to complain that his garments were stolen on Sunday, March 26, 2023, his teacher claimed to have delivered the student 107 lashes with the cane on his buttocks. This happened after the student complained that his clothes were lost.

Pupils at the school saw that the youngster had laundered his clothes and hung them up to dry; nevertheless, when he went to remove them from the drying rack, he found that they had been taken.

Before hurting the student physically, the teacher asked his other students to help him calm down and stop moving around.

The instructors at the school, upon seeing the severity of the teen's wounds, decided to keep him locked up in the dorms rather than get him medical attention.

According to his uncle, who gave an interview to a regional newspaper, his brother had called him and informed him that he needed to check on the youngster.

It was brought to his attention by his brother that perhaps the teen's younger brother had gone to the school to inquire about him and had been turned away.

On the other hand, he had heard from other classmates that his brother had suffered terrible injuries after being whipped for reasons that were not clear to him.

"I asked my brother how he had known about the injury to his kid." He told me that our last-born brother happened to be near Manga, where some sports were going on.

"He said that because the school is within the neighbourhood, he chose to go and see him," his uncle added.

"The teachers worked together to get us not to tell anyone about this problem by saying that the child was only slightly hurt and that he was getting better."

"They said that the attacker had apologised and that it was essential to keep him from losing his job," he continued.

"The boy is unable to walk. He cannot sit up. The teachers conspired to manipulate us not to expose this issue."

According to the boy's father, the youngster has only been attending classes at the institution for the past two months after moving there from Nairobi.

He also said that their attempts to talk to the school's administration could have been more useful because the teachers made it hard for them to do so.

The father of the child said that they went to the police station in Nyamira to file a report on the situation, but they were told to instead report it in Manga since that is where the crime took place.

He said that the cops were harassing the child by pressing him to name all of the pupils who had held him down, which was impossible for him to do given that he was still a new student.

The police told the boy's parents that they were looking into what happened so they could find out why the boy was attacked and bring the people who did it to justice.

The child was taken to the Nyamira County Referral Hospital, where he or she was treated and then sent home.

Now, several people who use social media are urging the Ministry of Education to act immediately against the teaching staff who were involved in the incident.


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