Azimio leaders in one picture

Lawyer Saitabao Ole Kanchory has explained why Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition, failed the presidential polls in August 2022.

Kanchory attempted to provide insight into the circumstances and problems that resulted in Raila's failure in his book Why Baba Is Not the Fifth.

 On the night of Wednesday, the former Chief Agent of Raila described his death as a threefold catastrophe when speaking at KTN News.

"In my opinion, Raila was the finest president Kenya has had in its history; thus, I referred to his slipping as a threefold calamity," Kanchory added.

President William Ruto received 7,176,141 votes, or 50.49 Percent of the overall vote, to defeat Raila, who received 6,942,930 votes, or 48.85 Percent.

Kanchory also pointed out the fact that the ODM party leader's executive campaign ended in the most disastrous way possible.

"I think Raila is an outstanding individual, and what saddens a few of us is the fact that we understand he might have taken Kenya to a greater level," he remarked.

Kanchory, however, explained that Raila is falling behind because he keeps taking the same approach and anticipating outcomes that differ.

The attorney dug more and discovered that Raila's election operations centre was broken.

Despite the funding being available, he saw that the organisation lacked situational awareness, its staff was divided, and the national contenders showed little engagement in operations.

Kanchory also indicated that neither Raila nor Martha Karua, his running partner for president, were intimately concerned with the development of how things were conducted.

"You'll be surprised to find that neither Raila nor Karua directly participated in our discussions as national head agents or were contacted and inquired about the status of things," he added.

He said that Raila and the chief agent initially sat together before the Supreme Court just before and after the elections were held.

Kanchory said that five Azimio operatives were kept out of the administration centre, while also pointing out that certain close associates contributed to Raila's defeat in the elections that followed.

He claims that some of the major figures in Azimio seized control of the command centre.

"I was a member of the five-person national chief agents team, which also comprised Oduor Ong'wen, Caroline Karogo, Isaiah Kindiki, and Paul Mwangi. The national command centre was closed off to this crew," Kanchory said.


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