Neno Pastor James Nganga to relocate to the US

The founding pastor of Neno Evangelist, James Maina Ng'ang'a, has discussed his intentions to go to the United States.

The self-proclaimed man of God is selling his hotel in Naivasha so that the money from the sale will go towards sponsoring his endeavors in the United States.

Ng'anga is the owner of the Newstead Hotel, which is located along the Nakuru-Nairobi route and was once known as the Sunny Hill Hotel.

The televangelist is in desperate need of finances to grow his ministry in the United States, and he is attempting to sell the resort for Sh800 million, but the price is up for negotiation.

His wife, Mercy Murugi, is now residing in another country; she has been doing so since the birth of their first child together, which they had with Ng'ang'a.

"Because of this, I have made a number of trips to the United States in order to lay the groundwork. He told me that his wife had just given birth and that she was now in the United States.

The pastor plans to build a church in the United States once he is settled in his new home. "I have decided to sell the hotel in order to get sufficient funds with which to finance the project."

Ng'ang'a rose to prominence after a six-minute videotape of him attempting to expel clergy accused of insulting his wife was posted online. Before the video clip came out, Ng'ang'a had been a priest for many years.

In the statement, the evangelist, who has hundreds of branches around the country, called the alleged bishops "dumb, worthless people."

"It doesn't matter who you are; as long as you're not willing to treat me and my wife, I shall have no choice but to dismiss you from my ministry."

" This time, I will demonstrate to you how powerful I am. If you do not respect her, then you should quit my church and go somewhere else to begin your own wajinga hawa."


"You have flourished in my church and grown wealthy. Dumb, egotistical, worthless people are trash. There is absolutely nothing that you can say to me. Since I was the one who started Neno, they have this vendetta against the company.

He said, "I want complete respect when I cough; you respond in the same manner that you demonstrated when you arrived here with damaged clothes, and you're wealthy because of me."

 "I want deep appreciation when I cough and you answer, just as you would before you walked here with tattered clothes."

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