Sharon Momanyi leaves KTN after 10 years of service

A beautiful presenter quits Standard Group for greener pastures. Sharon Momanyi, a news anchor and senior reporter for KTN, has been gone from the channel after working for ten years.

Ms Momanyi stated in a message that she was departing the station, saying "nothing" except thanks to the people who had given her the chance to work there. 

She said this about the station's employees. She began her career at the media organisation on April 2, 2013, working as an intern, and in little over five years, she has worked her way up to the position of a news anchor.

A few days after she was announced as the winner of the Media Council of Kenya's 2018 Annual Journalism Excellence Award (AJEA) and Journalist of the Year, Momanyi was given a promotion at KTN in 2018 that allowed her to take on the role of Features Editor.

"A young intern with ambitious goals of reporting issues that affect people's lives has just joined the KTN newsroom. The 2nd of April, 2013. Leaving with nothing but appreciation for the confidence of individuals who have talked about their lives with me and for the stage to bring about change on April 2, 2023, what a decade!" she posted on Twitter.

In addition to that role, Momanyi was a cover editor at the station until the time of her departure.

The correspondent who won many awards describes herself as a communication consultant working with organisations focusing on development. According to her LinkedIn page, another one of her focuses is on presenting stories that have an exciting news component.

"A journalist in Kenya who has won awards focuses on telling stories about people and is especially interested in reporting on issues related to sustainable growth."

"I am also a communications consultant, and I work with something like several organisations that work on development to design messages to notify large groups of people and influence policy to achieve ecological sustainability in particular fields," she said.

In October 2022, Ms Momamnyi announced to her fiancĂ© that she would propose to him at her son's birthday celebration. 

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