Monza vs Napoli live on K24 Serie A D Italia

After SSC Napoli's victory in the league, Monza will now compete against them in Serie A. It is anticipated that Monza will compete for a position solidly inside the top 10 of the league.

Monza has not suffered a defeat in any of their most recent six games in Serie A. They have won all of those matches.

The nine latest matches played at home for Monza in Serie A have resulted in Monza not suffering a loss.

Every one of Monza's previous nine home league encounters has resulted in at least one goal surrendered.

In their previous nine road matches in Serie A, SSC Napoli has not suffered a single defeat.

SSC Napoli has gone unbeaten in 35 of their previous 38 Serie A matches, which puts them in first place in the league.

At least one goal has been recorded in each of SSC Napoli's past nine league games played away from home.

All of the recent travelling games played by SSC Napoli in Serie A have resulted in an average of 2.06 goals scored by the team.

14-05-2023 K24 TV Serie A match 

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