Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki in Shakahola

On Thursday, May 25, the Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki, said that some of Pastor Paul Mackenzie's adherents who had taken refuge in the Shakahola forest were making an effort to leave in the direction of Galana Kulalu and Tsavo National Park. These individuals had been locked up in the forest.

During a news conference, Kindiki said that the search and rescue workers had been scanning the area before their encounter with the police officers, which led to their discovery.

It was brought to his attention that, in light of the evacuation attempts, some showed a great deal of defiance by declining to consume any food.

He provided a case study of a victim who passed away the next day, on May 24, despite being transported to the hospital. The sufferer, who was already in poor health, decided not to eat, and as a result, he died.

"We have reason to think that further victims are hiding out in the woods and that some of them are making an effort to flee Mackenzie property and Chakama ranch. Some of them have been saved by us."

"It's quite unfortunate, but yesterday we lost one of the victims that had been salvaged from the Shakahola jungle because they refused to eat."

According to what he said, "We tried our best to provide food for the victim with a lot of rebellion, but since their immune systems had already been compromised, they perished. Despite all of our efforts, the victim did not survive."

The CS made note of the fact that fresh evidence showed the discovery of more tombs in the Shakahola forest, and as a result, an additional day was required to enable the exhumation process to begin.

The regulations that were gazetted on Shakahola Forest by Kindiki, including the curfew that was in effect from nightfall until morning, were prolonged for another thirty days so that the exhumation procedure could go uninterrupted.

He also said that the location was still being treated as a crime scene, and as a result, no unauthorised individuals would be allowed on the property.

Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki in Shakahola

During the time that she was providing updates, Kindiki said that law enforcement authorities had saved 91 individuals and brought 19 victims back to their families. As a result of the massacre, 34 people were taken into custody throughout the operation.

The sheer number of skeletons retrieved during the exhumation process brings the total number of corpses found in the forest up to 241, adding the five that were found during the process.


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