deputy president Rigathi Gachagua.
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Any effort to revive the illegal Mungiki cult would be handled with prompt and decisive punishment, according to deputy president Rigathi Gachagua.

On Sunday, the second-in-command gave a speech in Thika while accompanying a number of other officials to a religious gathering held at the AIPCA church.

"That person who brought back this gang is going to set up our children to be killed," DP Gachagua said to the congregation.

"I want to request that parents talk to their sons and that church leaders speak to their kids about not allowing them to be abused and set up for problems. 

Gachagua referred to the cult as a "criminal gang," noting that the group's reputation during its height included rapes and robberies, among other illegal actions.

DP Gachagua said, "There is absolutely no chance that the current administration will permit that gang to continue to harass our women, rape our children, demand money from businesses, instil fear in farmers, and do other things they were doing during those years."

"They enslaved the Matatu industry, beheaded people, raped young girls, and defiled children."

He attributed the rise of the group to a "few individuals taking advantage of youth unemployment in Central Kenya."

He singled out the cult's head, asserting that he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and possesses at least nine properties across the nation, all of which are financed by sect operations.

He said, "As we speak now, he owns nine properties in this nation—beautiful mansions in Lavington, Kitengela, and Nyahururu."

These are the children of impoverished people who are being exploited: "Hao vijana wanaokota pesa kwa watu wanampelekea."

At the same time, DP Gachagua asserted—without identifying any specific individuals—that some leaders were orchestrating the resurrection of the feared group, purportedly as a means of endangering the authorities and making the nation unruly.

Gachagua remarked, "Wanataka kutumia watoto ya watu maskini hapa mlima Kenya," meaning that they may use them to travel and overthrow the country.

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