To free prisoners held at the Isebania Police Station in Migori, four persons stormed a police station and were shot dead.

A police report states that the group broke into the station on the evening of May 25, 2023, using a pick-up truck loaded with machetes and stones.

When they arrived at the station, the armed men damaged the cell gates and used stones to smash the windows of the station's armoury and other buildings.

As they moved towards the cells, police's efforts to scatter them with tear gas and fire blanks were ineffective.

They assaulted the cell gates while demanding the freedom of all individuals detained. The thugs rushed to free the prisoners, forcing the cops to fire live gunfire.

The four were killed by gunfire, and their corpses were taken to a neighbouring mortuary. The police report says, in part, "Sadly this turned out to be the death of 4 unidentified goons."

In the meantime, one police officer had a right eye injury, and another suffered physical harm due to the thugs' brutal beating of him.

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