Mike Sonko and Jacque Maribe

In response to rumours that he was there the night that the late Monica Kimani was assassinated in her Kilimani, Nairobi, home on September 19, 2018, former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko claimed to have been with former Citizen TV presenter Jacque Maribe.

The information was revealed in court on May 11 after Maribe, who is accused of the homicide, went on the stand as a witness and described what happened that evening, claiming she was not involved in Ms Kimani's death.

She remembers leaving work that night with friends and joining Sonko in her testimony.

"I ended my job at Royal Media Services and joined Governor Sonko's group at a club in Westlands. Jowie, who was at the time my fiancée, joined us at the club later and sat at a separate table, so I never even had the chance to meet him."

In response to Maribe's evidence, Sonko has now admitted to staying in the evening with Maribe and several other friends.

If called to testify in court over the subject, the former governor claimed to have a clear memory of the night out and access to surveillance video from the aforementioned club in Westlands.

"If I'm called before the court on this topic, I'll speak the truth—and nothing more than the truth. I'm not the kind of buddy who abandons his buddies in times of need. Na kwa mukhtasari tu."

He said that he was with Jacque Maribe from Citizen TV when she spoke to him on the JKL programme on September 19, 2018, at about 9:45 p.m.

He said that before going home at about 4:00 am, he brought everybody out for drinks and nyama choma.

"Around 4 am, I departed for home, tulipiga sherehe kwanza mimi nilikuwa na piga Hennesiree Vsop na majiree. I was able to get the CCTV footage from the club since Hii Mushene had been there when Jacque was taken into custody. Iko," he continued.

Mike Sonko and Jacque Maribe

In her testimony, Maribe also said that she read the news article detailing the murder before learning of Ms Kimani's passing.

She told the court via her legal representative, Katwa Kigen, that she shared a residence at the time at Lang'ata's Royal Park Apartment with the principal accused, her ex-partner Joseph Irungu, also known as Jowie.

"The day before Monica's death was found, Jowie was reportedly seen leaving her Kilimani home while driving the suspected automobile, "according to the police.

After media personality, Jacque Maribe justified herself in court in the Monica Kimani murder investigation by claiming that she just found out about Monica's passing while reading the news, the action was taken.

Jacque said that she was unaware of the businesswoman and had never spoken to her.

Jacque continued by stating that on the evening of Monica Kimani's death, she carried out interviews for the royal media before going out with friends, including Mike Sonko, until four in the morning.

Contrarily, Jowie has refuted ever meeting Monica Kimani and denied being at her flat on the day she passed away.

According to Jonathan Limo, an investigating officer, Jowie's phone was tracked during the murder along Dennis Pritt Road.


That was the same house where Monica Kimani lived before she passed away. The investigating officer also informed the court that, based on the phone records, Jowie had last spoken to Monica on September 1, 2018, according to the report.

On the same day, Dennis Pritt Road saw the location of Jacque's phone as well. In 2018, Jowie and Jacque were accused of killing a professional woman.


In conjunction with the fact that Jacque's automobile was discovered at the crime scene, she was also involved in the murder. That made Jacque, who was dating Jowie, the first suspect at the time and immediately related to the case.

The media celebrity and her then-lover Jowie were both detained as a result of the subsequent events, and she was eventually freed on bail.

Jowie is said to have shot himself shortly after Monica was killed and then called the police to say that he had been assaulted by a gang at night while en route to pick up Jacque from work.


She lost her position as Citizen Television's TV host as a result of this lawsuit, which also made her a hot topic for many weeks.

Initially refused bail, Jowie was eventually freed in March 2020. When Jowie spoke with Jalangó after his release, he came forward to say that he had been rescued and had given up drinking.

He bemoaned the fact that those he had formerly considered friends had deserted him when he needed them most.


In contrast, Jacque got a tonne of support from her family, friends, and other media figures despite losing her position at Citizen.

By supporting her and being by her side throughout the court proceedings, her father went on to emerge as the case's hero.

Mike Sonko and Jacque Maribe

In a previous interview, the media personality openly said that Jacque and Jowie's relationship ended before Jowie was sentenced to jail.

Jacque was clarifying things after Jowie claimed that their separation occurred while he was incarcerated. She continued by saying that the only thing she dreaded was having a connection to Jowie.

"For me, this guy was that person. I don't hold any faith in regrets, but if regret were a person, that would be it," she said. "The one you feel like, if I ever had any regrets, this is it," she added.

Before Jowie was arrested and charged with crimes, the two were engaged.


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