Medgclay and Beryl, who were 36 and 33 did vasectomy

A lady from Kakamega County's Shikoti village became pregnant regardless of having her husband get a vasectomy, shocking the family.

When Medgclay and Beryl, who were 36 and 33, respectively, decided that Medgclay would get a vasectomy in the middle of last year, they already had three kids.

He had the operation in a hospital in Navakholo on July 12, 2022, which was successfully carried out by local medical professionals with the assistance of a non-governmental organisation.

After having three children, Medgclay said, "I felt like we have always left family planning to women, so I intended to take on that burden and go through the procedure myself."

However, according to his wife, he had doubts about the choice. "I was afraid it would adversely impact his relationships with women, but I discovered it even got better!"

Without understanding what took place during the exercise they thought would help them plan their family, particularly during a challenging economic period, the two are scheduled to deliver their fourth child in June of this year.

"I was informed that we would be safe for around three months, or about twenty outbursts, following the surgery, so up until October we knew we were safe."

However, Beryl didn't get her period in November, which the pair claims they discounted as merely a case of delayed menses.

They learned they were going to have their fourth child in December.

Because my wife had already had two caesarean sections, he recalls, "It was such an emotionally draining experience for us."

Medgclay, who is also a medical professional, continues, "We were told that this occurs when there are some male reproductive cells left in the ducts or merely a failure of the whole surgery.

Male sterilisation surgeries performed successfully by Dr Dora Amakobe have the potential to fail if the individual undergoing treatment does not adhere to all of her recommendations, including refraining from intimate contact without protection for more than three months.

The vas deferens may be partially severed because of its length, but since reproductive tissue fluid has lined up to the urethra, doing so soon after the treatment increases the risk of becoming pregnant; hence, Amakobe advises his customers to have contraception for roughly 21 ejaculations.

Beryl claims that, despite everything, she and her husband have never had trust difficulties.

"We have never had problems with the suspicion that the other side could be up to anything terrible since we trust one another and both of us are adherents," she added.

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