Maverick Aoko and Raila Odinga

Maverick Aoko, a contentious blogger, has maintained her attack on former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, claiming that he would never win the presidential race because he chooses to engulf himself with other people who have failed.

Aoko said that Raila Odinga is also flanked by members of the LGBTQ community in a tweet that she made on social media on Monday.

Aoko stated that Raila, the person who is also the head of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), has been embraced by males who are motivated by the opposite gender.

Aoko said that the majority of the people in Baba's immediate vicinity are women addicts who make use of their vehicles as shared bedrooms to fulfil their macho cravings.

“Raila is the cause of ODM failures plus his fall, surrounded with a gang of D! ck Driven men who Dinyana hadi kwa magari ndani, in the toilet and the streets of Koinange plus HOM0SXUALS hadi kiongozi wa mashoga ako ODM !!,” Aoko said.

She also threatened to expose the names of LGBT associates of ODM if they continued attacking her.

“I DARE them to say a single word and I expose the names, they are selling ushoga hadi kwa mashule by force, giving out money for recruitment of LGBTQ and later pretend SAINTS !!,”She stated.

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