Mans head soup

A man from Giankanja village, Mitheru ward, Maara constituency in Tharaka Nithi county, was arrested after his father went missing without a trace for days.

The suspect killed the old Mzee, cooked and ate his flesh, and then disposed of the remains in a pit in their compound.

He led police to where he had buried the head villager in search of the old man, who was a fundi and stumbled upon the suspect, his son, cooking sliced pieces of one thigh.

Allegedly, the man had been eating the body of his father for the past 3–4 days; only the head was left.

The man parted with his wife. When he slaughtered his dad, he bought rice plus part of the "meat' and took it to his in-laws. 

Villagers beats a man who cooked Mans head soup

They cooked, and he left when they all had eaten.

After his arrest, he was saying his father's meat was "too hard to chew."

Police arrested the man and has been detained until next week when he will be arraigned in court for murder in Meru. 

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