Nassir and Hasu infighting in Mombasa
Nassir and Hasu infighting in Mombasa

On May 25, Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir responded to allegations that he had expelled benefactors from the region.

After hearing rumours that the owner of Mombasa Cement Limited, Hasu Patel, was forbidden from paying medical fees for stranded patients, the move to block donors occurred.

Nassir claimed that the government had actually issued the directive, which aimed to bring order back to the industry.

"I'm not trying to drive investors away from Mombasa, but regulations must be respected."

He said, "As a cabinet, we decided that any charitable donations should be done in accordance with predetermined guidelines."

Nassir said that while he was pleased to see individuals showing up to pay medical costs, the way it was being done was improper.

He stated his objections, saying, "I can't have 42 hospitals, and every hospital is writing to donors pleading for help."

The governor went on to say that fundraising was being done behind his back.

"We are unable to maintain a disorganised system. I'll stand by my promise to maintain order," he swore.

Hasu, a millionaire, removed sculptures he had placed at Makupa's roundabout for aesthetic purposes as a result of the tension between the governor and him.

Some of the sculptures were taken to Kilifi. Some were installed at the Malindi roundabout.

The millionaire has been working on several CSR initiatives in the Coast region and other areas of the nation, in addition to revitalising Mombasa City.

On May 3, it was revealed that the millionaire had consented to burn 73 tonnes of tainted food from Kakamega County's Mukumu Girls Secondary School.

One of the recipients of Hasu's charitable deeds said that the millionaire assisted her in paying the cost of a difficult lung operation.

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