Kennedy Ng'ondi, the speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly
Nairobi County Assembly speaker Kennedy Ng'ondi 

An activist is suing Kennedy Ng'ondi, the speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly, for allegedly employing 12 people in his office rather than the required five.

Francis Awino accuses Ng'ondi, who also serves as the chairman of the County Service Board, of hiring the individuals even though the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) only permits a total of five employees.

The Speaker of the County Assembly of Nairobi engaged in "overwhelming illegalities, irregularities, and circumvention of the law," according to court records.

As a party concerned with the lawsuit, he has cited the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

According to Awino, Kennedy specifically employed one communications officer who was a former Member of the County Assembly (MCA) for Gatina Ward, three personal drivers, three secretaries, bloggers and three assistants.

"Even more severe, the last five employees are untraceable ghost employees. Even though their names seem to be those of employees of the respondent's office, their identities remain unclear," he claims.

Additionally, he claims that Kennedy assisted some Nairobi County Assembly members in hiring their relatives by not requiring the County Assembly Service Board to post job openings in accordance with the law.

He asserts that the person in question violated the Constitution to the degree that there was never any shortlisting, interviews, or publication of the names of the appointments in the print media.

He said that the absence of a job posting and the shortlisting of candidates prevented the hiring of staff based on the qualifications, competence, and appropriateness of the interested individuals.

The inability to do so that was imposed by the law to advertise vacancies that were unlawfully occupied prevented other qualified individuals in Nairobi and Kenya from having the opportunity to submit their applications and battle for vacancies or a choice on merit," he said.

He sought the court's ruling that the hiring of MCA relatives and the nomination of the 12 staff employees constituted discrimination and were motivated by corruption, favouritism, and nepotism.

Additionally, he asks for a court ruling stating that the speaker's actions constituted an abuse of power and corruption and that the nominations should be revoked as a result.

Additionally, he requests that the court order the Public Service Commission to conduct new interviews and select the suggested candidates for the speaker's office.

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