Matatu tout

On May 27, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) issued a public call for assistance in locating a matatu whose tout assaulted a female passenger.

Kenyans were requested to submit the public service vehicle's (PSV) registration number so that it could be followed and the appropriate measures could be taken.

"Kindly communicate with us the vehicle's registration number, " the NTSA urged.

Before the NTSA's responses, the video had gained popularity on many social media sites, with several Kenyans pleading with the Ministry of Transport and other parties to take action.

It was caught on camera when the tout accused the female passenger of not paying her bus ticket. As the argument heated up, the tout was forced to remove the passenger from the car by force.

A police officer was seen on camera observing the ensuing altercation. Later, he attempted to step in and control the conductor but failed.

The policeman was there, but the tout disregarded him and tossed the passenger's baggage out. As the person was hauled out, other passengers anxiously observed.

However, the precise time of the occurrence was not immediately known. However, Kenyans demanded prompt action from the parties involved to deal with what they said was gradually becoming a catastrophe in Nairobi.

Online Kenyans expressed the opinion that the matatu business should draw up new regulations to handle problems with noncompliance and customers who refuse to pay the correct charges.

Others begged fellow passengers to step in to prevent fatalities and major injuries from occurring as a result of the increase in commuters being tossed out of matatus.

The NTSA and police detained a tout associated with Embassava Sacco in May 2023 on suspicion that he had thrown a 17-year-old teenager off a moving bus.

Following an altercation on Wednesday, May 17, along Outeting Road, the boy's wounds led to his death. Later, irate locals set fire to the Embassava bus.

"NTSA in Nairobi has detained and turned over the Embasava conductor to the police. The official predicted that the police would press charges against him.

The bus driver and the Sacco said, however, that the passenger was searching for his dropped phone and was not attacked as reported while reacting to the tragic incident.


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