Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki.
Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki.

The infamous preacher Paul Mackenzie and his goons allegedly had a three-star meal at Shakahola Forest as those who supported him starved to death, according to Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki.

Kindiki portrayed a picture of slaves and their rulers in his testimony during the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the investigation of the Shakahola massacre, where those who supported him had no alternative but to obey Mackenzie's commands.

"In some of the Shakahola Forest's shelters, we found a well-organised menu like that of a 3-star hotel. Next to people who were hungry and passing away, Mackenzie and his troops were having a healthy breakfast, lunch, and supper," Kindiki said.

Kindiki said that Mackenzie had employed armed men to watch over his adherents while they starved to death. Strangling or blunt object attacks were used to put an end to adherents who attempted to rebel.

"Mackenzie had hired armed youths to hang around with his supporters and keep an eye on their hunger to death." Kindiki said, "The disciples who reversed their minds regarding starving were either strangled to death or struck with blunt instruments."

According to him, the bulk of the excavated corpses belonged to people who died and were laid to rest after March 22, 2023. Following Mackenzie's discharge on a Ksh10,000 cash bail, this took place.

"This Mackenzie terrorist planned every action he took. He stayed away from technology, and a large portion of the money he had stolen from others was paid in cash.

"Our officers had to physically search for the mass graves since some of them were hidden by foliage. The completion of this procedure will take a long time," Kindiki remarked.

As of May 19, 2023, there were 235 fatalities and 89 survivors, one of whom was in a life-threatening state, thanks to the efforts of the search and rescue crew.

According to sources, there are cases where remains were dumped in sporadic deep pit latrines dispersed over the vast Chakama ranch, where cult leader Paul Mackenzie led a handful of those who supported him, making it possible that the precise number of people killed in the massacre will never be revealed.

According to sources acquainted with the investigation in Shakahola, the number of cult members who passed away eventually outnumbered the on-call grave diggers, forcing them to use pit latrines for hurried funerals.


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