Fans troll popular actresses and musicians online for chasing men after almost hitting menopause.


At 38 years old, Sanaipei Tande should stop posting unpleasant, semi-thirsty images and retire respectfully, like Avril, whose fans troll the popular actress and musician online.


Sanaipei Tande photo trending online

"Find someone and settle, hata Kama ni Asamoah. Also, she can start an institution and nurture young talents. We appreciate your contribution to the music industry."


The popular artist Sanaipei Tande, the Kenyan musician and socialite who's giving Kenyan men sleepless nights, posted several photos online that hit fans hard.


Sanaipei Tande is a good example of what happens when ladies are told to focus on careers and not think of children, and they follow.


"Dear Sanaipei, your merchant days are long gone. Exit the market for a younger and petite generation. You can’t be posting thirst traps at your age," a fan posted.


Sanaipei Tande photo trending online

"I have known Sanaipei Tande as one of the best actresses and artists in Kenya for a long time. Just like Churchill, it is time she starts mentoring young people and stops posting those thirsty traps," another posted.


"What's wrong with people!? What's wrong with Sana posting herself? Yes, she's a beautiful and pretty woman. She is very proud of her natural body. Mkasikie vibaya na hukoo maumbwa," another one posted, protecting Sanaipei.



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