RTD President Uhuru Kenyatta

The administration of Bomas of Kenya has acknowledged blocking the location for planned renovations, preventing the Jubilee Party from having its National Delegates Conference (NDC), which was slated for May 22.

An official at the Bomas of Kenya who was reached for comment stated that the shutdown was pre-planned and not intended to thwart Jubilee's efforts as first thought.

"The repairs' closure was arranged in advance and was not motivated by politics. There won't be any events for eight weeks, the source revealed.

The Jubilee Party faction supporting President (Rtd) Uhuru Kenyatta released a statement on May 17 stating that the NDC would take place and denouncing anybody gathering names for the NDC as a charlatan.

The message said, "Please note that as a party, we are not participating in any sort of gathering of names or money ahead of our NDC. It has come to our attention that there are malicious individuals going about claiming to be collecting names for our NDC.

"We want to reassure the Jubilee delegates that an NDC representative will be there on Monday. Former MP Jeremiah Kioni said, "We have obtained another location; in fact, we have secured two additional places.

The former Ndaragwa MP attributed the NDC's obstruction to government operatives. Furthermore, dishonest personnel were charged with gathering information for the NDC while not working on its behalf.

Uhuru requested a special NDC on April 30 to discuss new policies and hear an update from the National Executive Committee (NEC).

By the time this story was published, Uhuru Kenyatta and his Jubilee faction had not yet responded to Bomas' shutdown. Whether Uhuru would look for an alternative or suspend the NDC was still unknown.

Jubilee is embroiled in succession disputes, with one group stating that Uhuru is still the party's leader and another group asserting that Sabina Chege, the party's chosen MP, took his place.

The conflict started when Kanini Kega, an MP for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), who was claiming to be the secretary general, named Chege as the party's head.

Jeremiah Kioni, the secretary general who supports Uhuru Kenyatta's group, disagreed with his choice.

A former nominated Member of Parliament, Hassan Osman, filed a lawsuit against Uhuru and the Jubilee Party on May 8, claiming that the meeting's announcement was made in violation of the law.

As he fought to save his position as party leader, Uhuru's attempts to call for an NDC also ran into trouble.

Osman requested that the NDC meeting held by Uhuru be declared invalid because, in his opinion, it was intended to oust Ruto supporters from the party.

To combat the Kega faction order that removed Kioni and David Murathe, the deputy chair of Jubilee suspended Kega and Sabina Chege.

To increase the burden on the former President to comply with the summons, Kega additionally summoned Uhuru for a hearing regarding misconduct with the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP).

Jubilee disputes intensified when Uhuru arrived at the party's Kileleshwa, Nairobi, headquarters on April 26 to defend Kioni from the Kega group, which was fighting for control of the location. Rebels were told to quit the party by the prior president.

"Anyone may join another party if they desire to quit one. No one is at odds with us. Uhuru grieved, saying, "We want to defend our celebration, and those who don't want to may go.

Jubilee's landlord, who leased the property to Jubilee, ordered that the gathering vacate the property because it was allegedly creating disruption in the affluent neighbourhood. Jubilee, though, vehemently denied obtaining such a command.


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