new State House in Dodoma opened by President Samia Suluhu Hassan

The much-anticipated Samia Complex Project is likely to boost Dodoma City's bustling pace during the coming months.

At a packed occasion for the opening of the new State House in Dodoma, President Samia Suluhu Hassan said that the government was moving forward with yet another project after finishing up her new offices there.

She disclosed that the much-anticipated Samia Complex was the project. The complex will be unique, according to the Head of State, and will contain a sizable conference room that can hold between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

Dr. Samia claims that the government would build VIP housing on the site so that very important persons (VIPs) may dwell there comfortably, particularly from the nearby East African Community (EAC) and Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

The president insisted that the plans were already finished and that building work would shortly begin.

She claims that among the other amenities in the Samia Complex is a sizable Zanzibar lounge, which will aid the government in promoting Zanzibar's tourism attractions, among other things.

The East Africa Lounge and a golf course are two other projects we anticipate building, according to Dr. Samia.

She said that an airstrip where people may arrive and go at whim is anticipated to be part of the Samia Complex.

Additionally, there will be a sports pitch and a specific location where tourists and residents can learn about the history of significant figures who shaped the nation and the continent as a whole.

The formal opening of Chamwino State House in Dodoma, according to Vice President Dr. Philip Mpango, is a step in the right direction towards the development of the nation's upper middle-income economy.

After President Samia Suluhu Hassan officially opened the new State House on Saturday, the vice president of the country voiced his excitement in the nation's capital, signalling that all government operations had officially moved from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma.

Dr. Samia asserts that despite the existence of the new State House in Dodoma, the Magogoni State House in Dar es Salaam continues to serve as a venue for hosting foreign dignitaries and as a centre for commerce.

The Head of State said that even high-profile foreign dignitaries would be docking in Dodoma for official business as soon as the current project for the development of Dodoma's Msalato Airport is completed.

On Saturday, the Vice President, who spoke for about four minutes, expressed optimism that Tanzania will soon advance to a higher economic level.

He praised all Tanzanians for helping to build the recently opened Chamwino State House, stating, "I would want to use this opportunity to congratulate everyone on the excellent effort that Tanzanians did in building this State House."

Dr. Mpango also urged State House employees to keep the newly opened structures maintained and secure at all costs in order to support the nation's aspirations.

President Samia received praise for finishing the project from President Hussein Mwinyi of Zanzibar.

new State House in Dodoma opened by President Samia Suluhu Hassan

He said that the action was taken in order to implement the 1973 decision made by Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the country's founding father, and the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) to have Dodoma serve as the capital.

"Right now, we are all experiencing the achievements of carrying out the 1973 TANU's plan, including today's event announcing this new State House here in Chamwino and the completion of many different constructions for government offices and infrastructure, including roads, railways, and airports, where all are in various stages of their implementation," Dr. Mwinyi said.

Dr. Mwinyi continued by saying that the development of government buildings would enhance both the working conditions of public employees and the city's image.

Dr. Mwinyi thanked President Samia for donating land for the development of offices for the island government and for designating a space in the new State House building for the Zanzibar President.

He reiterated, "I guarantee that we will construct the offices here in Dodoma to provide our employees with a better working environment.

In a related development, he expressed his congratulations to everyone who helped with the project's effective execution and singled out Suma JKT and the Tanzania Buildings Agency (TBA) for finishing on schedule and at a high level.

During a project update, TBA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Daud Kundoro, said that the government's directions to relocate to Dodoma via a declaration released on July 23, 2016, led to the building of the Chamwino State House.

Following the instructions, many initiatives in Dodoma got under way right away, including the construction and extension of the Chamwimo State House.

According to him, the 66-acre site of Chamwino State House has grown to 8,473 acres.

The construction of many structures, including the administrative block, the presidential mansion, the dispensary, and the state banquet, among others, has already started, according to the TBA chief, in order to speed up the process.

Mr. Kundoro said that building a fence around the State House site was part of the project.

He went on to say that Suma JKT oversaw construction while TBA handled design for the state house structures.

"The design of this building took into account various factors, including the consultant's instructions to build a state house similar to that of Magogoni, Dar es Salaam, the nature of the project area, the structure's appearance, soil tests, and others before construction began," he highlighted.

He specifically said that the building materials utilised in the construction underwent quality testing and verification prior to usage.

In addition, he noted that the project's implementation had generated 200 jobs for local consultants and contractors, which was a significant economic and social gain.

The construction of ministry buildings, which are being erected in the government city of Mtumba, Dodoma, in the second phase, is one of several development projects that TBA and Suma JKT are still carrying out in addition to the project's execution, according to Kundoro.

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